Welcome to the Space Encounters Gallery

The Space Encounters Gallery is an organic offshoot from interior design firm and mid-century modern furniture brand Space Encounters.

Space Encounters Gallery aims to promote a community that embraces reciprocity of ideas and art appreciation in a welcoming environment. Expect more exhibits and events that put the ingenuity of Filipino artistry at the forefront.

The concept for this new, must-visit space was inspired by the local brand’s latest collection, “The New Romantics,” which brings to the spotlight classical pieces mixed with mid-century modern and industrial elements.

The Gallery is set in a 124-square meter area that was originally intended as an extension of the Space Encounters furniture showroom. It features vignettes of mid-century modern furniture, vintage items, and art in its various forms—a study on how accessible, versatile, and fun art should be.

Each ensemble is carefully curated to showcase how each decorative element—when taken as a whole—can create a space that’s inviting and functional; even the hallway leading to the Gallery offers snippets of art and furniture that co-exist to create an intimate and inviting ambiance.

Art in the Park

Current Exhibit

August 10- 17, 2020

Our Art in the Park page is live! Time to browse for your next art find!

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Current Exhibitions

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2018 in Philippine art (Feature)

2018-12-31 17:00:00

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2018 in Philippine Art (CNN Philippines). We’re happy that Space Encounters Gallery’s aim—to take both art and artist into interiors and home—made a mark in the scene. All these generous mentions only encourage us to be braver in 2019, and essentially, to have more fun with the artists that we will be working with.

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