A Little Room in Your Heart

Thanks to a family of artists, Jay Ragma’s introduction to his craft came at an early age. “I was inspired by the paintings that I saw in my uncle’s house. I fell in love with the vibrant colors and certain strokes,” he shares. This love grew to a serious passion that led him to take up Fine Arts at the University of the East-Caloocan.

From then on, Ragma has had several shows in the metro, but he is not one to rest on these achievements. For Ragma, whose style is distinctly abstract, art is a never-ending process of learning—he does research and experiments in order to further develop his style, which he cites has been influenced by Piet Mondrian and Georges Braque. “Their artworks are the foundations of my style—linear dynamics, analytical cubism, and structural space frames.”

This commitment earned him a number of recognitions, the latest of which is at the GSIS Art Competition 2018, where Ragma bagged the first prize in the Non-Representational category. These awards, says the artist, prompts him to be more focused sans being distracted by such accolades.

For his latest solo show titled A Little Room in Your Heart, Ragma showcases the deftness of his hands in the context of something more personal and sentimental. He says, “It is a tribute to the process of forgiveness and healing amongst family, finding closure and moving on.”

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