Everything’s a Blur

The drive to pursue art came naturally to Norlie Meimban. After all, he hails from a family of artists: his grandfather was a student of National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, and his father an artist for almost 60 years.

He started out in the figurative field, and went on to work in an animation company after majoring in Painting from the University of the Philippines. His 12-year experience in the animation industry was to define his style. “I come up with my new ‘identity,’ [and] I call it animation painting,” he relates. For this exhibit titled Delusion, Meimban deftly employs his signature style to trick the viewers into seeing movement in his works on acrylic glass.

Aside from creating his own art, Meimban also curates exhibits. This, he says, poses a different set of challenges—pooling together artists and coming up with a concept that will tie together their differing styles. But despite the hurdle, Meimban takes pride in being able to help new artists who want to introduce their works to the public—his way of giving back to the local art industry that has become his home.

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