I Think We’re Alone Now

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By Amos Malayao, 3CV, Kenneth Santiago, Franz Vocalan

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Confined to their personal spaces due to the pandemic, the August group exhibition shows four artists exploring self-reflection and self-discovery in I Think We’re Alone Now.

Kenneth Santiago’s art shows the artist discovering different aspects of himself and his artistry through the process of painting. While in isolation, he found solace in taking care of his plants. This simple act gave him a sense of purpose, leading to a new disciplined approach to making art. “I focused on preparing, conceptualizing, and planning future exhibitions while at the same time I researched and experimented on ways to make my work better,” he said. We now see a clearer reflection of the artist in his work, what he values, and what he realizes. We also see the artist getting to know himself so he can understand others better. The splatters on the portraits—thick and vivid—become thoughts and breakthroughs and judgment as if saying we have to try harder to understand each other better. The plants are somehow freeer of noise reflecting a more pure understanding.

During his first show with the Gallery, Amos Malayao has proven himself a master of capturing emotions with his ultraviolent and brooding art. But that seems to bookend that chapter of his dark style. His new works still have a sense of brooding, a sense of danger in the horizon, but there is also a thoughtful lightness. We are witnessing Malayao’s journey to maturity with a world view that is more balanced. There is fire but there is also life. There is isolation but there are also streaks of bright colors. Malayao also injects motion into his new paintings, gestures that show emotion rainging from betrayal to stillness with acute precision. “No matter how the current situation looks like keep hoping for a better future. Take the opportunity to grow instead of feeling defeated,” Malayao shared.

Harddy Santos aka 3CV, which stands for the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts, tackles the layers of influences to create art. This UE Caloocan Fine Arts graduate chose to be known as 3CV for his solo exhibition because he believes that “everything already exists but can be modified and molded according to one’s unique vision.” His art is rich, visual stimulation. One can feel the layers of style at work, diverse and aggressive but somehow coming together to create a stunning whole. “All the references I used were sent by family and friends through social media. They used my IG filter and I edited and painted over the images they sent. Everyone and everything around me affect the way I think and act,” he said. Each of his artwork surprises. They reach out to you and shake you awake at the possibilities of art.

Franz “Nano” Vocalan adds the kind of humor that bites. His diptych piece, OK Boomer draws on the quarrel between generations with his trademark bright colors while tackling a dark subject. It is almost catoonish but with a sense of surreal dread; a vulture on a secret mission to annihilate another. But they are both vultures in this scenerios, both predators. Nano’s first show was in 2009 and since then, he has had a total of nine solo exhibitions. While in quarantine, he never stopped painting even if there were no plans of exhibitions.

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