Everything in this vast universe is only temporary, but despite every one of us being but fleeting stars, we are all connected; to the earth, to the elements and to each other; and that is what gives our lives gravity.


This IMPERMANENCE series begun as a hybrid project between Casero’s two previous series: Sanctuary and MAONG (the Denim Project). With Sanctuary, the feelings expressed were of home, familiarity and places (physical or otherwise) that bring tranquility. The MAONG collection featured the use of the modern and resilient material denim, which was explored to portray ideas of western influence and a vastly developing Filipino culture. Now, with IMPERMANENCE, Casero focuses on an awareness that the only constant thing is change.


The centerpiece, Of the Earth, depicts a man both deeply grounded in the earth, and at the same time guided by the fluidity of the elements. The result is a peaceful, balanced, but ultimately impermanent state. With this piece there is a subtlety in the symbolism of the materials used in its creation; acrylic, oil and denim cut outs, but what makes it really special are the final touches inspired by Casero’s 2-year-old nephew’s drawings. These child-like doodles hint towards a regression back to a pure, raw and organic beginning of our self expression through art.


Embrace is a piece that embodies the beauty of human connection. Even in the face of life’s most traitorous storms, people have the strength to endure and embrace when they have each other. Those significant few are rocks on which to anchor, comforting and reliable constants among an ever-changing environment. However, it is not just your external environment that is subject to impermanence. Breathe Life Into is a visualization of the constant flux within each individual’s own state of mind. It can sometimes feel as though you are drowning in thoughts of uncertainty, of desires, or of questioning, but it is the acceptance of impermanence that serves as the breath of life. Furthermore, Branching Out is composed of seven circles, each a small window into a different period, experience or lesson from life. When all of these combine, and are observed from a slightly more distant perspective, what stands is a strong, deeply rooted and ever expanding tree.

Each piece that makes up the IMPERMANENCE series captures a beautiful organic and authentic human condition, and engulfs the human element with fluid, wild and unpredictable forces. Despite the world around us forever changing in ways that we cannot control, may each viewer be reminded to treasure their place in this vast universe as they once did so effortlessly as children – as, at the end of the day, nothing lasts forever.

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