Slowly Surely

Back-to-back sold-out exhibits kept Fitz Herrera busy in recent months. His signature style—thick globs of paint that give more dimension to a canvas—is, by now, a familiar sight to gallery patrons.

Abstraction had not been Herrera’s primary choice. It was in figurative painting where he first gained recognition. But having been exposed to opposing senses and ideals—Herrera spent his formative years in bucolic Nueva Vizcaya only to relocate back to frantic Metro Manila, his birthplace—the artist felt the need to shift to abstract art. The discipline, he says, gave him more freedom of self-expression.

Bernardo Pacquing, Cy Twombly, and National Artist Jose Joya have greatly influenced Herrera’s works, but he has been clearly carving his own path in the world of abstract painting. Proof of this are the bevy of shows that open one after the other. And with such a demand for his art, one would thinks Herrera finds it challenging to look for inspiration. On the contrary, inspiration, he notes, is everywhere. “Just open your eyes, and you can see and feel it.”

No matter the exhibit venue, and whether it’s a solo show or a group endeavor, one thing remains constant: the goal that anyone who sees his art can take away something positive.

For Slowly, Surely, Herrera explores how “the small steps in our lives [leave] a big impact,” and that one should not take shortcuts nor rush headlong into things. It’s the process that matters—something this artist deeply understands, with his every stroke that touches a blank canvas waiting to come to life.

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