Slumber Party

Nonie Cruzado recalls how he fell in love with art: his siblings were the first to influence
him, so much so that Nonie would use anything he could get his hands on just to draw—even empty cigarette boxes from his mother’s sari-sari store made do as his canvas.

Consistent recognition for his works all throughout primary and secondary schooling
further prompted Nonie to pursue art, leading him to major in Paining at the University of
Santo Tomas. Learning about Salvador Dali, Giorgio de Chirico, Rene Magritte, and famous
Renaissance artists, coupled with Nonie’s interest in metaphysics, Kabbalah, and quantum
physics, opened up doors to explore “unusual art.”

Nonie toys around with perceptions of reality through his paintings “because most of the
things in our perceived reality doesn't really make sense,” he relates. Discarded or
insignificant objects find their way to Nonie’s creations and process, where he marries
traditional techniques with digital tools. His works are richly layered, combining paint,
gestural strokes, and textures to “create a connection intended not just for the audience”
but also for the artist himself. Everything—from conception to execution—is a deliberate
attempt to prompt the viewer to take a closer look at how such mundane elements relate to
the bigger picture and, ultimately, to oneself.

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